A church in Castle Rock, CO

Sunday @ 10:30 AM & 6:00PM
Wednesday @ 7:00PM

Soaring Hawk Elementary School
4665 Tanglevine Drive
Castle Rock, Colorado

After my husband passed away, I felt lonely and depressed.

I didnít know very many people around here, and I thought I would just wallow in my own self pity. Someone invited me to Castleview, and now Iím a part of the most loving family I could ever ask for.

- Wanda A.

My life was spiraling downward, and I was addicted to many things.

I knew if I didnít make a change in my life that things would end badly. Jesus saved me from my bondage and has changed my life. God has used Castleview to help me in so many ways.

- Tony K.

After I accepted Christ into my life at Castleview Baptist Church, our family has grown so much closer.

I can tell God is changing me and helping us grow closer to Him and to each other. Iím so glad I started attending Castleview!

- Omar W.